Privacy Statement

This privacy statement is relevant to consumers (“Consumers”, “their”, “them”) as they make information about themselves available on public websites. It talks about how we use their personally identifiable information (“data”) as part of the services which we offer to our customers and what their rights are regarding that data.

WaveMetrix collects data about Consumers for research purposes. We focus on entertainment brand and products. If Consumers discuss these brands or products publicly online then we may use their discussion as part of our data.

1. General

1.1. We are WaveMetrix Ltd (“we”, “us”), a company registered at 68 King William Street, London, EC4N 7DZ. Our company registration number is 5288384

1.2. We collect, and are the controller of, data which Consumers make publicly available online. In some cases, we are supplied that data by third parties. We store this information in our databases and may make it available to our customers

1.3. This privacy statement contains information about Consumers’ rights and the protections we provide when we collect their data

2. Anonymity

2.1. To protect Consumer privacy, we anonymise data about Consumers as far as reasonably possible. This means that we will not store or share identifying information about them unless one of the following is true:

1. They are a public figure, as indicated by their social media account (usually by the fact that the account is verified) or by other publicly available information about them, such as their Wikipedia page

2. They are engaged in sharing copyrighted information to which they do not have legitimate access

3. What we collect

3.1. Information we collect about Consumers may include the following:

a. their name, username, handle, or other identifier (subject to our anonymity policy);

b. the content of the information they have published via that name, username, handle, or other identifier, including comments, expressions, opinions, posts, etc.;

c. their interests;

d. their location;

e. their gender; and

f. any other information they publish on an Internet website we crawl or on a third party platform that provides us with data

3.2. We also infer other information based on what Consumers make publicly available. For example, if they say (perhaps in their public profile) that they are male and have children, we may infer that they are a father

3.3. We may analyse the data Consumers make publicly available in order to provide insight to our customers. For example, if they comment about a movie trailer, we may analyse and record what they say they do and don’t like about it

4. How we collect and use Consumer data

4.1. Our data collection has, as its legal basis, our legitimate interest in running a research business and collecting data to serve this purpose. We firmly believe that our research benefits both clients and consumers and we continually assess the impact of our data collection to ensure that it continues to reflect our core values

4.2. We may also collect and use data on behalf of our clients, based on their legitimate interests, which include creating and selling consumer products and controlling the distribution of their copyrighted material

4.3. We may infer data about Consumers automatically, based on what they make publicly available online, but do not use this information to make any automatic decisions about them. We continually take steps to ensure that all data we infer about them is as accurate as possible

4.4 Customers may use Consumer data in ways not listed here, provided that use is within reasonable expectations

5. How we share Consumer data

5.1. We share Consumer data within our company in the course of processing it

5.2. We may share Consumer data with our customers. This usually takes the form of aggregate statistics, but may take other forms, such as direct quotes or links to social media posts they have made

5.3. We also share Consumer data with a number of selected and carefully vetted third parties (our partners, subcontractors and suppliers)

5.4. We may also share Consumer data with other third parties in the case that we buy or sell business assets, or are bought or sold as a business, subject to the purposes of the use of the data remaining substantially the same

5.5. All data sharing we do, internally and externally, is subject to our anonymity policy

5.6. In addition, whenever we make Consumer data available to a third party, we make sure appropriate safeguards are in place to ensure that their data remains protected

6. How we store and retain Consumer data

6.1. We may transfer data to other countries other than the Consumer’s own for storage, which may include countries where the law does not provide a similar level of protection. Where this happens, we ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place and that those who handle the data are bound to respect them

6.2. Similarly, we ensure that all servers where we store Consumer data have appropriate technological and procedural safeguards

6.3 We continue to store data as long as it remains relevant to the research we are doing, which can include long-term retention for historical benchmarking purposes. As we explain below, Consumers can contact us to request that we delete data we hold about them

7. Consumers’ data rights

7.1. Consumers have a number of legal rights concerning their data under privacy law. They may:

a. request access to the data that we have about them and request that it be updated, rectified, deleted, or blocked; or

b. request that we refrain from further use of any data we hold about them

7.2. To exercise any of these rights, Consumers can email privacy [at] or send us post at the address listed above

7.3. Consumers have the right to complain about our processing of their data to the data protection authority in their country. For example, in the UK they could submit a complaint at

8. Governing law and jurisdiction

8.1. English law governs this privacy statement and any dispute or claim related to it. Each party agrees that the English courts have exclusive jurisdiction over this privacy statement and any dispute or claim related to it